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The SkinMATH MD Journey

Dr. ansulette kay

I am Dr. Ansulette Kay, the driving force behind SkinMATHMD. My passion for skincare and dedication to providing a superior skincare experience led me to create this groundbreaking brand. At SkinMATHMD, we are not just creating skincare products but pioneering a new era of skincare science. Our goal is to revolutionise your skincare routine by offering clear, effective regimens with products that truly live up to their promises. We combine the power of scientific innovation with a dedication to nurturing healthy, glowing skin at all stages of life.

Our success springs from our proprietary Advanced Infusion TechnologyTM, the foundation of our product line. This cutting-edge technology, combined with the principles of biomimetic science, enables our products to act as a protective and restorative second skin. They are meticulously crafted to rebuild, shield, and reorganise your skin’s natural functions, leading to noticeable, long-lasting improvements.

The SkinMATHMD skincare range is energised by i-Peptides 180°TM and incorporates Intelligent i-Lipids 360°TM in our unique, cruelty-free formulations. These ingredients are chosen for their structural alignment with your skin’s natural composition, ensuring maximum absorption and effectiveness. As an Australian company, we take pride in our ethical approach to skincare. Guided by the principle of “Pure Science”, we aim to make a lifelong positive impact on your skin.

Advanced Infusion TechnologyTM

At SkinMATHMD, our success is deeply rooted in our pioneering a-i technologyTM. This innovative technology forms the basis of our skincare range and differentiates us in the highly competitive skincare industry.

Biomimetic science, which involves emulating nature’s most effective solutions to address complex human issues, plays a significant role in our approach. Our products are not just superficial applications; they are meticulously engineered to interact directly with your skin cells. They aim to rebuild, safeguard, and restructure your skin’s natural functions at a cellular level.This profound interaction enables the active ingredients in our products to be fully absorbed, triggering substantial internal changes. Instead of merely resting on the surface, our products penetrate deep into your skin, ensuring every ingredient works optimally.

The result is a visible and lasting enhancement to your skin’s health. You’ll witness improvements in texture, elasticity, and overall skin health. By merging advanced technology with biomimetic principles, we offer skincare solutions that genuinely transform your skin. We focus on promoting long-term health and vitality, steering clear of temporary fixes. This combination of innovative technology and nature-inspired solutions is the secret behind our success at SkinMATHMD.

Powered by i-Peptides 180⁰ TM

At SkinMATHMD, our groundbreaking formula, fortified with i-Peptides 180°TM, acts as a rejuvenating force for your skin, akin to a fountain of youth. The i-Peptides 180°TM play a pivotal role in skincare due to their many benefits. They catalyse collagen production, critical for preserving your skin’s elasticity and smoothness, thereby diminishing wrinkles and fine lines – effectively reversing signs of ageing on your skin.

Further, the i-Peptides 180°TM amplifies your skin’s natural repair and rejuvenation mechanisms, assisting in healing wounds and reducing inflammation. They also strengthen your skin’s resilience against environmental harm. Our i-Peptides 180°TM formulation is designed to combat skin issues like pigmentation, redness, or puffiness effectively.

A distinct feature of peptides is their capacity to boost the efficacy of other active skincare ingredients. This attribute makes SkinMATHMD‘s products, powered by i-Peptides 180°TM, an instrumental weapon in your fight against ageing.


Intelligent i-Lipids 360⁰ TM


SkinMATHMD‘s skincare range uniquely includes Intelligent i-Lipids 360°TM, essential for maintaining healthy skin. Intelligent i-Lipids 360°TM are fundamental in forming the skin’s barrier, providing structural support and controlling permeability. They primarily consist of ceramides, fatty acids, and cholesterol in nearly equal molar ratios. Our skincare products leverage this knowledge by incorporating lipid nanoparticles, intensively studied for their wide-ranging applications. These nanoparticles help restore the lipid matrix of the stratum corneum (SC), the outermost layer of skin, promoting overall skin health and addressing abnormalities. With age, the quantity of skin surface lipids declines, necessitating their external application through skincare products. By including Intelligent i-Lipids 360°TM in our range, we aim to provide natural, safe, and active cosmetic ingredients that cater to this need. As demand for such ingredients constantly increases, our lipid-based formulations play a crucial role in meeting consumer expectations. In addition, our products are designed to study skin lipid function in relation to barrier function using different types of lipid mixture models. This ensures our skincare range is not only beneficial but also scientifically grounded.

Pure Science

Expanding upon this, SkinMATHMD‘s belief in “Pure Science” prioritises using natural ingredients and focuses on their careful selection and integration into our products. Our philosophy is that the most effective skincare solutions are derived from nature, which offers diverse potent compounds that can nourish, heal, and protect the skin.

In line with this belief, we meticulously research and test each ingredient’s effectiveness, safety, and compatibility with other components. Every ingredient matters and has a role to play in promoting skin health. This is why we prefer to use natural ingredients proven by science to provide tangible benefits to the skin. Our commitment to “pure science” extends beyond our ingredient selection. We also invest in advanced formulation technologies to maximise the potency and stability of our products. Our approach involves using innovative encapsulation methods to ensure the active ingredients remain fresh and compelling until the moment they’re applied to your skin.

The packaging of our products also reflects our commitment to “pure science”. We use dark, opaque containers to shield the contents from light, which can degrade certain ingredients over time. The containers are also air-tight to prevent the introduction of oxygen, which can cause ingredients to oxidise and lose their effectiveness. 

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